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Telecommunications Services Companies The greatest occupational field of our professionals is in the multiple companies of telecommunications services, fulfilling tasks of civil engineers specialized in the fields of fixed and cellular telephony; computer networks; high capacity transmission systems (multicarrier), via microwaves, optical fibers and satellites; Internet and broadband services. Find a Freelance Field Technician

Integration of Telecommunications with Data Networks Next in importance is the labor field related to the integration of telecommunications with data processing networks, from the transmission supports for local (LAN), metropolitan (MAN) and wide area (WAN) networks to the ATM backbone. , associated with the transport of a large amount of data.

This area has a great diversification in its applications, since it is an indispensable tool in all industrial, productive and administrative activity.

Introduction of Photonic Information Technologies Third, our engineers are an important element in the introduction of sophisticated photonic information technologies in national industrial processes and in a multiplicity of scientific applications such as Medicine, Energy, Radio, Astronomy, Geodesy, Aero-Space and Military.

In addition, our students will be trained for the independent exercise of the profession, either in consulting, consulting and business creation.

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