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I could ask him and if he hasn't, I cld advise him to. I have no idea if he has gone to the police about it. cheap vibrators For the most part, we are out of the kinky closet. Many people in our circles have a good idea about our lives. I guess my might as well ask does this seem to be the preference for a lot of people?

Has anyone seen anything that has the girth she wants with a 5" 6. The gel IS water based, BUT it is not runny at all. The problem she says she has is that getting to a larger girth they all seem to be crazy long. It's easy to clean on the skin, and if it happens to get on a toy, that is also simple clean up.

It doesn't drip and for the most part stays right where it has been applied. He might not do it b/c in the past, before I knew him, he was raped by one of his exes. There are a lot of not yets in Mr. For decades he's told interviewers that he'd like to marry and have children. ](this board does not allow HTML.

But this doesn't mean we have an interest in sharing our penchants with anyone and everyone who asks. It's like HTML, only with [] instead of )[This message has been edited by Gumdrop Girl (edited 07 27 2003). Dancing is fun and social and noncompetitive, and martial arts have really built up my self confidence and are practical in that they have given me some basic principles of self defense as well as a knowledge of how to behead someone with a sword

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