Viktor “Isildur1′′ Blom achieves six-figure profit per day

asked 2019-07-14 08:36:01 -0500

Full-speed poker signing player Viktor "Isildur1" Blom recently made a profit of $592,500 in 2/7 three-time and FLO8 tables. More than half of Blom's earnings on the day came from a heads-up with SanIker on the 2/7 three-time table. After four hours of fighting, "Isildur1" made a profit of $289,000. On the morning of the 9th, he played for 40 minutes at the 2000/4000 blinds table, earning $136,500. In the last fight of the day, despite the ups and downs, he ended the game with a profit of 81,000.  In the three-time table, Isildur1 earned profit from thecortster and taktloss47. He and thecortster played two sessions, with revenues of 74,200 and 88,000 respectively. In the 1000/2000 blind-level game, he won another 54,500 from taktloss47. Other gains came from a tug-of-war with Carlooo13, which took two and a half hours at the 2000/4000 FLO8 table. After losing $100,000, Isildur1 began to fight back and made a profit of 170,000. Then Carloooo13 won back some more, and finally Isildur1 ended the battle with a profit of $10.98 million. After losing 22,000 PostflopAction at the 8-GAME table, Isildur1's profit for the day was locked at $592,300. The other six-figure winners include Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn, who earned $183,900, of which 170,000 came from the 8-GAME table. 카지노사이트In addition to profiting from Blom, he also won a Phil "Polarizing" Ivey who just lost the lawsuit in London. Ivey recently lost luck and lost 147,300 in 50 minutes. WCGRider is another winner. He is against bajskorven in the $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em heads-up, the two sides played 1162 hands and WCGRider earned 93,600.

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