New Horizons For The event Of VR/AR Technologies

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The transnational report is the abstract of the previous report: want evaluation, use of media in training and focus group, in the all European international locations involved in On air venture. California's Great America opened for the season this past weekend and as part of the festivities they cleared the air (once again) about the future of the park. As at all times Dollywood kicked off their season with a Season Cross Holder/Media Day. The park is also opening a brand new 4-D expertise, Mass Effect, this 12 months, however it wasn't quite ready for opening day. This slide tower has a lower top restriction and thus is very in style with the youthful crowd that's not ready for the more daring slides. Above is one of the unique sections of the Boa Blasters, two of the new slides that utilize single or double tubes for the journey down. Personally I am thankful that the park was in a position to keep these slides amid the construction, since they fit a particular demographic.

「PlayStation VR」が無料の360度VR動画アプリ「360Channel」に対応 「PlayStation VR」が無料の360度VR動画アプリ「360Channel」に対応 - ITmedia NEWS - 웹

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