internet of things

asked 2018-07-03 12:01:41 -0500

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After reading the writemyessay research on IoT I just love the idea of "speed limits...algorithmically adjusted..." Traffic is becoming congested, so the brainless computer, programmed by someone who may not have ever driven a car or who got his/her license the week before, decides to lower the speed limit. That of course slows traffic, so the congestion worsens, at which time the computer lowers the speed limit again, and so forth. The vicious cycle is broken when rush hour ends and traffic eases, at which time the computer reports back to its master what a great job it did in easing congestion. Meanwhile, the constantly changing speed limits befuddle motorists and afford a wonderful opportunity for the police to write lots of speeding tickets to unwitting drivers caught in the bureaucratic web. Makes perfect sense. Eventually our smart cars and other devices will report location data directly to the police, and tickets will be computer-generated, allowing police payrolls to be drastically reduced. This "progress" stuff is great!

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