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Where can I download games?

asked 2017-12-08 05:52:21 -0500

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I have always been fond of both online and offline games which is why I was wondering if you could give me an idea as to where to find reliable Games Download. Also, can any of you give me a list of games which you think is good to play?

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answered 2018-03-13 01:04:19 -0500

As an indie game developer, I abhor piracy. Coursework Help We work our butts off building our games and then struggle to sell them because we have low marketing budgets. At that point, some person plays our game (whoopee, a deal!), at that point chooses that other individuals may appreciate it for nothing and transfers it to a theft site or server to enable others to abstain from paying us for our diligent work. It's sufficiently hard as it is to bring home the bacon without losing deals to theft. In AAA, it's a similar story. They legitimize higher costs with far bigger expenses for huge groups.

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answered 2018-03-11 03:27:40 -0500

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