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In our school primary and secondary has different uniform. It helps teachers know where is primary and where is secondary so they will not mix at break or lunch. If we are out of school you can easily see that we're from one shool. As for language, Keel and Uehlinger ( Gods, Goddesses and Imagesof God in Ancient Israel ) say the Israelite language wascloser to Phoenician (both of them being major Canaanite'dialects') than to the Judahite language, which was a'peripheral', conservative dialect of Canaanite, comparable toAmmonite and Moabite. Artefacts discovered in marginal territorycan be sometimes distinguished as Israelite or Judahite (orPhoenician) based on the dialect in the text. Keel and Uehlinger say that recent Old Testament research, at leastso far as this is carried out by German speaking scholarsinterested in religio historical questions, generally assumes thatthe religion of preexilic Israel and Judah is to be characterisedas thoroughly polytheistic.

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