Gutter cleaning and maintenance are an important part of our home

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Gutter cleaning and maintenance are an important part of our home.

Gutters control the flow of rainwater and protect our walls, roof, foundation and even the landscape. They are designed to change the direction of water that runs off the roof to the downspouts. Without gutters, the water would run off the roof in curtains or can even cause damage to the foundation. They also make a great place for debris like twigs, leaves and dirt. This is the reason regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is of utmost importance.

Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

It may not be a fun task to do, but it is definitely an imperative one. Let�s find out why.

Gutters are the first line of defence against soil erosion around the foundation. A gutter system prevents rain water from saturating the soil around the house. If the soil is over loaded, then the chances of getting the foundation wet is quite high and a foundation subjected to water can lead to many other issues.

A clogged rain gutter system can lead the rain water to the cracks in the foundation, thus resulting in water leakage in the basement. Water in the basement can cause other problems with mold, mildew, and bacteria.

If the gutters are blocked, they will become too heavy. The fasteners used to attach the gutters will not be able to hold up against the additional weight of the rain gutter system, which is full of wet leaves and debris. This will lead the gutters to pull away from the home, thus affecting the foundation and causing possible sinkholes.

How Often Should You Clean Gutters?

Cleaning of rain gutter systems largely depends on the area where you live and most importantly, how many trees there are in your yard. Otherwise, gutters must be maintained during spring and fall, especially if you have maple trees.

To judge how often the gutters should be cleaned, you can observe how often leaves in your area fall and the types of leaves. Gutter cleaning and maintenance should be on everyone�s to-do list about every four months. In a high-yield environment, leaves fall all year-round, so you can get the rain gutter systems cleaned more often.

So, if you haven�t thought about getting your rain gutter systems cleaned, make sure you go through the why�s� and how�s� in this write-up and make the right decision.

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