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Is investing in ICO worthy?

asked 2018-05-25 01:21:53 -0500

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Initial coin offer assignment writing is essential for the investors and the organization preferring to start a long term venture. Therefore, it’s worthy to invest with the ICO at the beginning of a project to protect it from the some risks and encourage better investment in the organization.

ICO ensures security

Everyone wants to have a secure venture or investment. When using the ICO, the business organization can be able to ensure there is security for the investors and also for their own products. The initial coin offering at the beginning should be created to affirm the community of the availability of the security towards their money they invest with them. All the hackers and cyber thieves are the most influential parties in the organization who need tight security. Therefore, by taking the ICO one is able to have the certainty of the project protection. This also prevents it from fraud risks which may affect the organization negatively. For an investor to take up an investment up to an organization or company, one should consider the security measures which are a better confirmation that the investment is in safe hand. On the other hand, the organization giving out ventures to the investor should ensure that the project undertaken be of great contract logic and have the correct source. The initial coin offering will secure the project from the opaqueness which may be considered in the project to be fundamental. Cheating people from the claims heard can be very unrealistic thus the project may fail to meet the set targets and goals.

Community rapport

When using the ICO in the organization, the community is expected to benefit positively and a better relationship is created between the organization and the community supporters. Some of the benefits the community may get from the organisation is the building of the community reputation. The ICO can also be used to collect the fundraising from the community to facilitate the funding of the project undertaken by the organization. Therefore, the initial coin offering is essential in ensuring that there is no over funding or under funding in the organization. Better communication and interactions are made between the organization and communication through the creation of the website. This website help the investors to ask any question they may wish to know to the organization and there is provision of the immediate feedback. New ideas can be generated on the same page and the products can be displayed to allow effective marketing. In addition, the email list created for the project investor would facilitate easy communication and the updates of the project information. Periodical notification can be posted in the email list to allow potential investors to be aware and the website can be used to provide information to both potential investors and those willing to invest in the organization. In addition, the social media provides better communication between the investors and the organization. Henceforth, the information flow and diffusion would be dispersed to various areas whereby there would be better generation of the community rapport and this will encourage investment.

Legitimacy of idea

The ICO ensure that there is a clear prove that the project undertaken is legally accepted by the outlined rules and regulations. The investors can consider the resonating idea of the potential world beater. Confidence is created between the investors and the organization team. This is a guarantee of the authenticity of the project as the organization tries to look for the money to start up with. Projects which are meant to solve some big problems should be ventured in. This is because these projects will always attract the foreign and community investors to venture in the organization. In addition, the investors should make the right agreement between them and the organization team. Evidence which is written should be included to allow that no over-funding or under-funding of the project funds between the investors and the organization team.

Working prototype and authentic whitepaper

The white papers should be constructed to allow the marketing of the products and services the company may be willing to sell. Unlike the block chain, the white paper creates a link between the organization and the community. A detailed and technical white paper should be created to facilitate product promotion across a wide range of the channels which will attract the investors to invest in the organization. The premium and the quality of the white paper should be maintained in order to display out the necessary information to those willing to invest in the same organization. The prototype should be checked out to ensure that the real project is working according to outlined conditions at the beginning of the contract. Recurrent revision should be done to ensure that no phony scams are in place. Therefore the investors can be able to closely monitor on how the goods and products they have invested and promote it and thus enhancing proper marketing.

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answered 2019-03-04 05:32:30 -0500

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answered 2019-01-11 06:05:33 -0500

riyaroy gravatar image

Invest with the ICO at the beginning of a project to protect it from some risks and encourage better investment in the organization. By taking ICO one is able to have the certainty cheapest cable of the project protection. Here the whole details about their investment are shared.

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answered 2018-09-23 11:56:11 -0500

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answered 2018-08-17 00:01:33 -0500

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answered 2018-07-04 06:01:22 -0500

The hazard factor is overfeeding if everyone purchases amid the ICO at that point there is no request in the wake of hitting trades and cost can dip under the estimation of gathered tokens. Topcelebsjackets

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